Exceptional electronic design services

MJ Electronics is a UK-based company, designing for manufacturers in a wide range of industries including audio, lighting, transport, hand-held electronics and medical.

From prototype and design to production, MJ Electronics has the experience, technology and equipment to deliver your electronics products on-time and to budget, fast and efficiently.

Our services

MJ Electronics Services

PCB Design and Fabrication

We have years of experience in PCB layout. Using the latest CAD software we deliver:

  • Single sided, double sided or multi-layer PCBs
  • Bare-board testing
  • Generation of Gerber files
  • SMT, through-hole or mixed technology
  • All with a fast turnaround

PCB supply

We can supply all your printed circuit board requirements including prototypes, small batch quantities through to full production runs with scheduled deliveries::

  • Single sided
  • Double sided
  • Plated Through Hole (PTH)
  • Multilayer
  • Flexi
  • Flexi rigid

Electronic Circuit Design

At MJ Electronics, we can design any kind of electronic circuit, either updating existing designs or creating from scratch:

  • Unrivalled experience with digital, micro-controller circuits, analogue, op-amp and PSU circuits
  • Communications technology including, but not limited to, USB, RS232, I2C, SPI and GSM
  • Generate schematics with the latest CAD software

Prototyping & Production

Our design team will discuss your requirements and develop prototypes to test and develop your concept into a working design:

  • Hand built prototypes
  • Automated SMT small/medium batch production
  • SMT and through-hole assembly
  • Testing and debugging

Software / Firmware Design

Our engineers design software and firmware using the latest tools:

  • C-programming
  • Atmel and PIC micro-controllers
  • Assembly language programming

Latest news

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